What is the best first gun to own – Things You Need to Know

When new shooters are faced with the challenge of selecting their best first gun, they often get overwhelmed by the many decisions and choices they have to make. This article provides new buyers with a step-by-step guide to that first gun purchase. It will also give an idea on the errors that novices tend to make and the pitfalls to avoid when buying first handgun.

The first step is evaluating the intended use of the gun. The buyer has to determine if he or she even needs a handgun, or would his or her intended use of the firearm be better served by a shotgun or rifle. Most first-time buyers need a gun simply to be used for self-defense. If this is the case, then it is advisable to go for a modern sporting rifle or a basic shotgun. These firearms offer a significant amount of protection for their cost. Also, they require relatively less training in order to become adept in typical defense instances.

Once someone has determined why he or she needs a handgun, the next step involves deciding on a budget. In the current market, there are handguns that accommodate all levels of income. They range from affordable Hi-Point handguns costing a few hundred dollars, to custom competition rifles costing thousands of dollars. The first-time buyer is the only person who can determine what his or her budget is. All in all, there is a saying about getting what one pays for. The same applies to firearms.

Another consideration to make is whether to buy a brand new gun or a second-hand one. This decision is almost entirely personal, and will be dictated by the first-time buyer’s usual buying habits. It is worth bearing in mind that a buyer will be able to significantly extend his or her budget by going for a used handgun. Many second-hand guns can be bought for between 25% and 50% off their usual retail price. In addition, buying a used handgun allows the buyer to buy a much better quality firearm for the money. While there is a possibility of getting a problematic used gun, it is all about finding a reliable manufacturer and seller.

Size and caliber of the gun is something else to consider. The two options will be determined by the buyer’s intended use for the handgun. For this article, it will be assumed that someone is buying a gun for purposes of self-defense, either to keep at home, or to carry around. When putting into consideration ease of shooting, two of the biggest factors are gun caliber and size. A full-size duty style gun chambered in a lower-powered caliber is easy to shoot. On the other hand, a compact pistol chambered in a higher-powered caliber is likely to unpleasant to fire.

The above are useful tips for buying a gun for a first-timer. Many new shooters make hasty purchases of a gun only to regret the choice just after firing it for the first time. By following the above tips, an individual is likely to end up with a gun that he or she will enjoy shooting for many years to come.

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What is the best first gun to own – Things You Need to Know